ERSHA has supported Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE) to Ataye Hospital

Enhanced rural self-help association (ERSHA) is currently implementing a life-saving emergency response project entitled “Emergency WASH response to conflict affected IDPs and host communities in Efratana Gidim woreda of North Shewa zone, Amhara region”.

The project is being implemented in coordination with Swiss Church Aid (HEX/EPER) and Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI). The project fund secured from Ethiopian Humanitarian Fund (EHF) through COOPI.

Based on the plan, ERSHA has supported different Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and hygiene and sanitation materials worth of Birr 315,000.00 to Ataye Hospital on 15 April, 2022 with the presence of ERSHA’s programs Director, Mr. Zemichael G/ Mariam and the vice manager of the hospital Mr Mesfin Asfaw.

ERSHAS has provided these personal protective equipments as well as different hygiene and sanitation materials to benefit conflict affected IDPs and host communities of Efratana Gidim woreda in order  get appropriate health care treatments in the hospital.

After the handing over, Mr. Mesfin and his staff appreciated the support provide by ERSHA and its partner organizations and also ERSHA project coordinator, Mr. Fissaha Belay for his consecutive follow up and discussion with the hospital staff to deliver this activity in a proper manner. The hospital has provided certificate of appreciation to ERSHA.

The lists of the PPEs and different hygiene and sanitation materials that have been provided to Ataye hospital include; Bio hazard bag (300 pcs), Hand sanitizers 500 ml. (300 pcs), Disposable surgical masks (300 pcs), Heavy y-duty glove/ hard rubber gloves (200 pcs), OMO Cleaning powder 500gm (100 pcs), Falcon Antiseptic disinfectant (100 pcs), Push dustbin 50Litre (35 pcs) and Samuel primax mop (25 pcs) .

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