During the past 15 years, ERSHA has been implementing four strategic plan periods and the contribution made to the development of the target communities in particular and that of the country in general was promising enough. ERSHA is now on the verge of formulating its fifth Strategic Plan to accommodate the changes within and outside the organization, set a road map which shows where it wants to be in the near future and how it gets there and continue to be one of the prominent development actors in the country. With a renewed commitment of fighting poverty, ERSHA will strive hard to achieve better results giving major emphasis at two levels.

(1) Enhancing organizational competency As the very existence of the association/organization is to serve the grassroots needy commonalities, it is crucial to bring the organization to the level where it can shoulder
such responsibility. Therefore in the coming periods, high emphasis will be given to;
• Resource mobilization (internal and external)
• Building staff competency
• Building excellence
• Networking and partnership development
• Improving working systems
• Internalizing learning culture

(2) Enhancing program delivery
To address the identified community needs, ERSHA will continue supporting community based integrated rural development initiatives aimed at
• Improving household food and income security
• Reducing the impact of climate change and disaster risk on the livelihood of the target communities and enhance their resilience capacity
• Improving communities access to basic social and infrastructure services
• Promoting Value Chain
• Building grassroots capacity
• Improving the socio-economic situation of women, children and youths using different strategies.