Local level Institutional capacity building

  • ERSHA uses community based institutions as entry and exit strategy to enable the target communities plan, mobilize communities and the required resources.
  • ERSHA has established three woreda and 30 kebele level community based organizations in three intervention areas. The community based organizations enabled to help their respective communities to voice their needs and aspirations and to be heard and recognized. At present, the community based organizations are implementing and managing community initiated projects and their capacity in the project management is taking the lion’s share while that of ERSHA is diminishing.
  • Major emphasis is given in building the capacity the community based organizations to help the target communities/community based organizations empowered, eventually enhanced the service giving capacity of supporting institutions.
  • Different capacity building supports were provided such as training, exposure visits, bylaw development, facilitating the legalization process, and supporting the construction of offices to community based organizations to help them plan, implement, and evaluate development initiatives.
  • Similarly, relevant wereda offices were supported to enhance their service giving capacities by organizing different training programs, exposure visits, financing their project initiatives and providing logistics support.