Programs / Projects

Currently, ERSHA is running four development programs in seven woreda of Amhara, Oromiya and Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS).
1/Angolela Na Terra Community-Centered Development Program
The objective: of the project: improved the capability of communities in target areas including children and women to demand their rights and to improve their socio-economic situation.
Project area: Amhara Region, North Shewa Zone, Angolela Na Terra woreda
Major activities
  • Provide improved crop varieties, technologies, and practices to improving crop production and productivity;
  • Construction of small scale irrigation scheme
  • Provide improved livestock species to improve production and productivity;
  • Provide low land fruits to improve nutrition and income
  • Construction and renovation of schools provide furniture, books, etc.
  • Establish and strengthen women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and CLAs
  • Construction of rainwater harvesting structures and development springs to provide potable water access to communities, schools, and health institutions
  • Introduce fuel-saving stoves and organize women producer groups
  • Establish and strengthen grass root Community-Based Institutions
Project duration: October 2020-April 2023
Funding partner” Kinder Not Hilfe (KNH)
Contact person
Zemichael G/Mariam
Position: Program Manager
Telephone  +251 116320173/  +251 913083935

2/ Angolela Na Terra WASH Project

Objective of the project: : Increased and sustainable access to safe drinking water, improved sanitation, and hygiene, in communities, in schools, and health institutions
Project area: Amhara Region, North Shewa Zone, Angolela Na Terra woreda
Major activities
  • construction of 4.8 km pressure pipeline, 200 m3 service reservoir, distribution pipeline, 10 water points
  • Construction of generator house, guardhouse
  • Procurement and installation of pump and generator
  • Establish a Water Board and 10 WaSHCos
  • Provide training on management [technical & financial], operation and maintenance
  • Establish and train water scheme take carers and Provide hand tools and spare parts
  • Carry our refresher training on Community-Led Total Sanitation and Hygiene (CLTSH) for health extension workers and support them to carry out CLTSH in the community
  • Conduct hygiene and sanitation training and awareness-raising workshops
  • Establish and strengthen school health clubs
  • Design and deliver hygiene and sanitation messages (IEC materials and media) Celebrating Global Handwashing Day
  • Organize youth groups, train them on improved sanitary facilities (slabs) production and Basic Business Skills
  • Awareness creation on menstrual hygiene for students and teachers and Support the production of menstrual pad locally
  • Training of parents on improved child hygiene practices
Project duration: July 2020-June 2023
Funding partner: HEKS /Swiss Church Aid/
Contact person
Zemichael G/Mariam
Position: Program Manager
Telephone +251 116320173/ +251 913083935

3/ Ambo Farmers Cooperative Union Capacity Building Project

Objective of the project: to the effort of enhancing livelihood of the target small holder’s farmers through increasing production and creating remunerative market for their products
Project area: Oromia Region, West Shewa Zone, Ambo and Toke Kutaye  woredas
Major Activities
  • to provide computers and other ICT materials for 14 primary cooperatives;
  • Organize trainings on basic computer skill, computer maintenance, computer usage; financial management, leadership and management, market information, property and inventory management
  • Support Improved seeds to selected model farmers to increase production and productivity;
  • conduct regular capacity assessment for each primary cooperatives and award best performing primary cooperative;
  • conduct client satisfaction survey once per year to assess client satisfaction level of the members to the primary cooperatives, union;
  • Provide matching fund to solve the problem of working capital with the union, that can directly benefit the target primary cooperatives;
  • organize experience sharing visit to areas where there are model similar unions and primary cooperatives
  • Promote organic farming technologies and practices such as vermin composting
Project duration: April 2017-December 2021
Funding partner: SOS FAIM Belgium
Contact person
Tibebu Deyassa
Position: Program Manager
Telephone +251 915961248

4/ Dita Sustainable Land Management Project

The objective of the project: to contribute to the effort of reducing poverty and natural resource conservation in Ethiopia through working with target households and community-based organizations including women SHGs and  wereda government. 
Project area: SNNP Region, Gamo Zone, Dita woreda
Major activities
  • Construction of small scale irrigation schemes
  • Provide improved fruit and vegetable seeds and seedlings
  • Organize trainings
  •  Construction of potable water supply scheme
  • Establish and strengthen Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Cluster Level Associations (CLAs)
  • Establish and strengthen Community Based institutions
  • Organize and support Income Generating groups
  • Improve the livelihood of social minority groups
  • Establish and strengthen Natural Resource Management and Climate Change Community Conversation groups
  • Establish and strengthen Beekeeping groups
  • Establish and Strengthen School environmental groups /clubs/
Project duration: January 2018-April 2021
Funding partner: Ministry of German Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Kinder NotHilfe (KNH)
Contact person : Melkamu Tsegaye
Position: Program Manager Telephone +251 468990125/ +251 912065668

5/ Sustainable Engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for Responsive and Accountable Governance towards Equitable Resource Use and maintenance of Healthy Environment project

The objective of the project: To contribute to responsive and accountable governance for the promotion and protection of environment and land rights.
Project area: Amhara Region, West Gojjam and South Gonder zones, Bahir Dar Zuria,  Libo Kemkem, and Fogera woredas
Major Activities
  • Establish and strengthen environmental forums
  • Organize awareness workshop on global and national environmental policies, laws, agreements, etc.
  • Organize trainings on the new CSO law and HRBA
  • Organize policy dialogue forums
  • Organize experience sharing among CSOs, CBOs and government
Project duration: November 2019- February 2021
Funding partner: CSSP2 through PHE-EC
Contact person : Fisseha Belay
Position: Project Coordinator
Telephone +251 918 720689