Objective 1:: Enhance food and nutrition security of household

Objective 2: To build resilience capacity of the target community

Objective 3 :Enhance communities’ access to basic social services

Objective 4:To improve socio economic situation of women and children

Objective 5 :Create capable, competent and responsible community level grassroots organizations as well as building the service giving capacity of concerned government sector offices

    Core  thematic areas

Women, Children and Youth Development: Children Care & Development, Youth development and entrepreneurship, Women empowerment

Livelihood and Food Security: Improving crop and livestock practices, Irrigation, Income generation, Water and Sanitation, Displacement and Emergency responses

Community Development: Education, Health, Community Institutions (CBOs, SHGs, Idirs, etc.), Governance and social accountability, Capacity Building

Environmental Management and Climate Change: Afforestation and Reforestation, Promoting renewable energy sources, Community mobilization and education on environment, Promote environment and climate friendly schemes