ERSHA addresses problems of women through two major strategies: by mainstreaming issues of women in all its programs and designing women focused projects to address their specific issues.
ERSHA succeeded with the former strategy as women issue is one of its indicators to evaluate its projects and programs.
ERSHA has also been assisted the establishment of women Self-Help Groups (SHGs). So far ERSHA established about 180 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and 18 Cluster Level Associations (CLAs) having 2,958 members established and strengthened. This approach encourages the poor women to unpack their potential through promoting saving and credit access.  
ERSHA also assisted Women to engage in different income generating activities by providing training on basic business skills and seed money and production equipment’s and materials inputs.                                   
ERSHA has also assisted the establishment a women saving and credit cooperatives union in Doba Community Centered Development Program having 67 primary cooperatives. Awareness creation sessions conducted to sensitize the community and children themselves on child rights and child protection.              
ERSHA supported the organization of Different Youth groups to engage in different income generating activities by providing capacity building supports including training, materials and equipment’s